Embryo Donation

What is Embryo donation?

This process is similar to egg donation. However, instead of borrowing the egg and sperm of the husband of the recipient using fertilization both are derived from eggs and sperm donors.

Who can opt for embryo donation?

All patients who are eligible to donate eggs for embryo donation are eligible. Egg donation, there are patients to donate their eggs. Also it is a relatively expensive process, compared to the embryo donation, embryo donation highest pregnancy rate as high as 35-40% yields. So do not mind using a sperm donor, it is the method of choice preferred!

What is the rate of pregnancy with embryo donation?

40% per cycle – pregnancy rate in our clinic is 35. Due to the high pregnancy rate is two-fold. Firstly, they are often of excellent quality embryos. Also, because we use Endomentrium hormones prepare the uterus receptivity to these embryos is generally very good.

How is the embryo donation?

This is similar to egg donation. Patients whose menstrual (having their periods) the hormonal control of the cycle is taken over by starting GnRH Analogue Injection such as Suprefact, Lupride or Nassaral spray starting from 21st day of previous cycle. Once the patient gets her period, Estadiol valerate tablets (Progynove 2 ml) 2 days from the last cycle started. On the 10th day, the receptivity of the endometrium by ultrasound to measure the thickness of it is used to assess.

An endometrial depth of more than 9mm is good for pregnancy. Once this is achieved, to obtain a good quality embryo, cannot wait to put back into the womb. Menopausal woman who has stopped having time in the case of cyclic hormone until the patient starts having her period is given for 3-6 months. After that process, starting with the period from the second day Prognova tablets is the same. In these women, GnRH analogues such a superfast, hormonal control as naturally there is no need to be down.