Oocyte Donation

Egg donation a fertile woman that is donated to an infertile woman’s egg from the assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF will be used in the process. Woman’s eggs will not be achieved biologically related to the child, but the birth mother will be in the record. From a donor egg fertilization and embryo transfer procedures, resulting in the recipient’s uterus. Recipients will not be biologically related to the child, even though he will be the birth mother on record.

Who can qualify for egg donation?

  1. In this day and age, more and more Carrier oriented women are marrying late in days. By the point in time they start preparation to have kids, their life (40 years) are nearing the fourth decade. Providentially, at this time, more than a few women can visualize obviously, although almost 20 to 25% of women fail to conceive in a year’s time. In vitro fertilization (test tube baby) or intra ICSI- Cytoplasimic sperm injection – if they are still not pregnant newsier technologies as they take the help of IVF.

Women after the age of 40 or fewer eggs in their ovaries to produce eggs, they may be poor in quality occur. Thus, IVF and ICSI as new technologies can not ensure a successful pregnancy. In addition to 42, after the age of 40, many women stop producing eggs as they entered the stage of per menopause (short term) or menopause (stoppage time).

Even women who have IVF egg donation (IVF-ICSI) has had several cycles and still failed to conceive and become pregnant can be performed on.

Moreover elderly or menopausal women, egg donation young women whose ovaries failed prematurely or young women who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy for cancer can be in. Radiation or chemotherapy destroys the eggs and therefore the failure of these women has their ovaries.

Egg donation so that their children do not have the genetic defect patients are taking major chromosomal defects is used.

Suffering from severe tuberculosis and severe Endometriosis can also produce poor quality eggs and egg donation so patients can be treated by.