Sperm Freezing

What is sperm freezing and storage?

Sperm for future use, either artificial insemination or other fertility treatments can be frozen, or donated.

Sperm cells have been frozen and thawed the sperm successfully though not survive the freezing process, used in treatment for more than 40 years….

Why I would like to freeze the sperm?

Unfortunately, life is unpredictable. Many conditions that might interfere with your future breeding are. These may include:

  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Pelvic or some type of testicular surgery.
  • High-risk occupations or sports.
  • Diabetes, which can lead to erectile difficulties.
  • Male assisted reproduction treatment is a day away from home.

How do I organize sperm freezing?

Fertility Centre in the city to see one of our experts for a referral form, ask your GP or specialist.

His first appointment we hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV will arrange for the blood tests. We regularly these infections because they have a female partner or an unborn child can be transmitted through semen, and to reduce the risk of contamination during storage screen. Once you receive your blood test results, our laboratory to freeze his semen sample to book a time, contact us. You produce your sample at home and distribute it within one hour of collection, or book one of our rooms can be arranged. At the time of freezing and storing sperm, which at one time to have lived for 10 years will be required to sign the consent forms.

How do I freeze sperm samples?

Everyone’s situation is different. Most men freeze between two and five samples. Some choose to freeze over. Often, time interval prior to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy will be the deciding factor. We have at least two days but not recommend abstaining from sexual intercourse and ejaculation longer than five days before the first sample, and the samples for about two days.

Sperm storage

Standard for sperm storage period is 10 years. This period may only be exceeded in certain circumstances. City Fertility Centre will explain that you can do, and how long will be able to store their sperm. The amount of time in storage does not affect the success rate. Damage to sperm during freezing and thawing can be frozen while it is not.

There is a fee for each semen sample cold. This fee includes six months’ storage. After the initial six months, the cost of one or more samples in the city Fertility Center to apply for storage. The annual storage fee applies regardless of the number of samples collected and is not refundable. Please contact us to ask about our current rates.

You freeze and to store his sperm with the City Fertility Centre decide, you about any change of address should be updated.

If I want to use samples thaw and what happens?

Your IVF doctor that you wish to use your frozen sperm sample informs. Your partner may need to check some basic fertility. Sperm samples are of good quality, at the time of ovulation intra-uterine insemination, they (IUI) can be used for. Because the sperm has been frozen and thawed, pregnancy rates generally are lower than normal fertile population, from about 5 percent to 10 percent is a cycle.

The frozen / thawed sperm produced by the use of any problems with the kids?

Research among children conceived with fresh vs. frozen sperm abnormalities or birth defects showed no difference in rates of them. However, there are some theoretical concerns chemotherapy drugs can affect sperm or offspring are unknown. If possible, freeze the samples before it starts is the best chemotherapy.